Investor Information

Investor Information

EstarOnline Ltd is an unlisted public company. The company maintains a register of interested buyers and sellers and where possible will facilitate the introduction of said parties. If you would like to buy or sell shares please download the attached "expression of interest" document and email through to

Also available for download is an "off market transfer form" with associated instructions should buyers and sellers come to a suitable agreement.

Any investor with further questions about the process or the company generally should contact Stuart Nattrass. Stuart Nattrass, Chairman

For the latest company news and views please see our News.

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Investing for Growth

eStar is Australasia’s leading eCommerce solutions provider, delivering outstanding experiences with some of the region’s best brands, through a combination of thought leadership, user experience, development, design and partners.

eStar possesses a strong understanding of the Australasian eCommerce market and there is an opportunity for it to grow its clients into the rapidly expanding eCommerce market.

Following the recent appointment of an experienced leadership team, eStar is investing for growth, across Australasia. This investment is being met by a $1.2m Renounceable Rights Issue, in December 2015, and underwritten by existing shareholders.

eStar’s business objective is to drive a growth strategy through increased Market Visibility, Client Growth, Leading Solutions, Scalable Capacity and Support.

Share Information

Currently have expression of interests for sellers prepared to sell at 7c and above.  Should buyers or sellers wish to be introduced, please email

Trading History

Date Quantity Price
01/02/18 150,000 8c
15/06/17 150,000 9c
31/05/17 40,000 9c
23/02/17 30,000 9c
22/02/17 200,000 9c
16/11/16 50,000 9c
10/11/16 23,111 9c
30/10/16 8,889 9c

Please note this is only an indication of shares on offer and is only updated when additional shares are offered or sold.