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Team Talk - Ragtrader eTail 101 Presented by eStar

eStar’s Chief Operations Officer, Kevin Rowland explains what it takes to have a high performing retail IT team.

Ragtrader April

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Equality attracts top tech talent

Leading Australasian eCommerce provider eStar says businesses that practise diversity and equality have a huge competitive edge when it comes to employing top talent and maintaining a productive and engaged workforce.  

As New Zealand’s fastest growing sector and third largest exporter, tech employs five percent of the workforce and has the highest paid employees than all other sectors on average.  

The number of software developers employed in New Zealand doubled between 2006-2013 and growth is expected to continue to around 5.2 percent a year until 2020.  

Based in Christchurch and Melbourne, eStar is one of New Zealand’s largest and growing IT companies employing more than 70 people. Its workforce has increased by a third in the last 18 months and represents 17 different cultural backgrounds.  

eStar chief operations officer Kevin Rowland says the company focuses on having the right people in the right role and building a culture that is welcoming and inclusive.

Equality attracts top talent

Photo above: eStar client delivery manager Jo Richardson, chief operations officer Kevin Rowland and client support manager Kylie Lilly.

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