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EstarOnline have developed and support an ecommerce platform solution called iSAMS (Internet Sales and Management System). ISAMS is an “enterprise” class solution provided as either a SaaS (Software as a Service) or a PaaS (Platform as a Service) delivery model.

The solution includes licensing, hosting, bandwidth, hardware, security, weekly updates, and 24/7 monitoring of the service.

This platform is delivered and supported by an experienced, practical and innovative team of ecommerce professionals. Professional services include custom software development, design, business analysis, system integration, testing, training and project management. These services are based on best practice methodologies that result in EstarOnline delivering ecommerce solutions on time and within budget.

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Credit Card Fraud Risk Management

A key 'value add' of the EstarOnline solution is the risk management service "RMProfiler" that is incorporated into the automated payment processing element of the solution.

This unique value add element has led to significant reduction in fraudulent transactions and vastly improved processing times in handling online transactions. For some customers this element alone has seen a reduction in fraud from 5% to under 0.2%.

Please read on for further information on EstarOnline's credit card fraud risk management solution RMProfiler.

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Email Marketing

EstarOnline's integrated email marketing solution is known as 'LaunchPadMail'. The system includes a full suite of customer database management and segmentation tools, campaign creation, sending and detailed reporting and statistics.

Having an integrated email marketing solution provides two key benefits to our clients:

1- They can report and track directly on true orders shipped as a result of campaigns.

2- Enable new options for advanced customer segmentation and targeting , based on demographic (e.g. postcode / city / region) or past purchasing behaviour (e.g. all customers who have bought from a certain product category).

Please read on for further information on EstarOnline's email marketing solution LaunchPadMail.

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Data and Payment Security

EstarOnline is PCI-DSS (Payment Card Industry – Data Security Standard) Level 1 compliant.

PCI is a security standard mandated by Visa and MasterCard.EstarOnline takes security extremely seriously and has invested hundreds of thousands of dollars maintaining, monitoring and adhering to the PCI- DSS compliance standards. EstarOnline PCI Compliance spans our entire operation, from employment vetting, through to auditing every line of code prior to it being deployed into the production environment.

EstarOnline’s dedication to ensuring customer data security has resulted in a 13 year track record maintaining a highly secure environment.

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The EstarOnline team are ecommerce design specialists with decades of combined experience across hundreds of transactional websites.

We specialise in ecommerce design that is usable, accessible, handles ‘dynamic variable content’ gracefully, and optimises the overall customer experience and sales conversion.

The EstarOnline design team are equally comfortable creating design concepts ‘from the ground up’ or alternatively collaborating with our client’s branding, design and digital agencies to achieve the desired ‘look and feel’ that accurately reflects your brand/s in the online environment.

EstarOnline design balances staying sensitive to your brand/s, whilst delivering sites with intelligent architecture that are engaging and highly functional.

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System Integration

EstarOnline have substantial system integration experience and facilitate tens of thousands of integrations between our customers various legacy systems, their suppliers, and our ecommerce platform.  EstarOnline provide a customised integration package called the iSAMS Integration Layer (IIL).  This integration suite provides the ability to integrate to multiple external systems like financial, ERP, MRP, POS, WHMS and freight /shipping systems and services seamlessly.

System integration is a fundamental component of almost every project EstarOnline undertakes.

Some of the many ERP systems we have integrated to include- Advance Retail,  Island Pacific, Lawson, Pronto, MYOB, Oracle, Management 2000, SAP - plus many, many others.

For further information regarding formats, frequencies, models, available methods, and processes including API documentation - please contact us.

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Hosting and Network Environment

EstarOnline's world -class hosting and network environment is used by all of our clients. The service seamlessly scales to handle, on behalf of our customers, literally millions of transactions per annum.

The primary data centre is modern (2010) Tier 3, purpose built, secure facility, with no single point of failure; and features automated failover redundancy in terms of firewalling, power supply, bandwidth and network capability.

The operation has been proven immaculately reliable in terms of performance and uptime, even through a number of real world ‘Disaster Recovery’ situations, including , major power outages, rogue snow storms , as well as a number of major earthquakes - without disruption to service provision.

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Technology Solution Maintenance and Platform Updates

In terms of on-going maintenance EstarOnline solutions deliver continued service and security improvements. This results in on-going maintenance costs being significantly reduced.

On-going maintenance includes:

  • Security Patches
  • Software Updates
  • Ecommerce Platform Level Updates
  • 3rd Party Licensing relating to the application
  • Backups – 2 hourly and off site
  • 24 / 7 / 365 Monitoring of network and site availability
  • Firewalling security, monitoring and maintenance
  • PCI Compliance (Level 1)
  •  System Integration monitoring and maintenance (Managed Integration Services)

As well as continually updating core infrastructure, we are committed to improving our application level services by improving the user interfaces, features and security enhancements of the platform. This is an on-going program that culminates in weekly platform updates. This not only includes all service and security patches, but also includes enhancements and at times, the introduction of new features. This program provides significant cost savings to our clients as it means that new features and enhancements are available, often at no cost for implementation, as opposed to being commissioned and developed individually. All updates are communicated with clients each week.

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Control of Content and Offer

Success online will be determined by the ability to reach your customers and provide them with the content, information and offer that drives positive purchasing decisions. One of the core elements of EstarOnline’s service delivery is to give our client’s complete control of their content and offer.

Users directly control pricing, discount promotions, including cross-sell and up-sell; as well as order and product based incentive configuration and presentation options. Content can be developed and scheduled for future presentation and is easily managed via sophisticated HTML editors. It is easy for users to change static content without any custom programming.

The solution includes a comprehensive integrated Content Management System (CMS) and merchandising toolset that allows marketers to easily manage products, catalogues, as well as merchandising and static content.

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EstarOnline have significant experience providing a multitude of integrated payment automation options in Australasia and internationally. The iSAMS system includes the option to include multiple payment types in a single solution.

These can include (for example), automated credit card processing (“pre-auth” and “capture” if required), PayPal, various gift card options, gift voucher purchase and redemption, as well as internet banking, cheque and account based payments.

The integrated payment solution includes; automated functionality to re process credit card payments that may have failed in the first instance, handles part payments automatically,  as well as catering for returns & refunds eloquently. 

All elements within the payment processing module comply with the highest level of security compliancy in terms of (PCI-DSS) Payment Card Industry - Data Security Standards.

EstarOnline's preferred payment gateway partner for credit card processing is DPS - Payment Express

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CRM Notifications

EstarOnline ‘Automated Email Notification’ tool sets are aimed at reducing labour costs through automation, leading to increased productivity and enhancement of ‘customer service. The automation of ‘CRM notifications’, linked to payments, typically results in our merchants realising significant operational efficiencies in many areas.

For example– Sending the customer an automated email if their credit card fails to process successfully, leads directly to increased sales conversion for the merchant, and is a proactive method of customer engagement.

This comprehensive and fully manageable email notification tool set enables our merchants to keep in touch with their customers seamlessly e.g. ‘account registration’ , ‘password reminder’ and ‘account details updated’ ; through to ‘order confirmation, ‘dispatch notification’ , order processing updates (e.g. items not available or on backorder).

Minimise costly 'Where is My Order? (WISMO)' enquires by employing EstarOnline's practical and proven technology.

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Roadmap and Innovation

EstarOnline is committed to an ongoing programme of research and development. Alongside this we subscribe to industry publications and have staff attending conferences both regionally and internationally (e.g. Internet Retailer, Online Retailer , OWasp, TechEd).

We have a published roadmap that focuses our R & D efforts and platform development. The weekly update program means our clients benefit from these core improvements and have access to new features and functionality at a much lower cost of entry. We take an extremely practical approach and focus on the areas that will really reduce costs and drive sales for our clients.

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