eStar (Estaronline Ltd) is an unlisted public company. Please see the below for more information.

Buying and Selling of Shares

The company maintains a register of interested buyers and sellers and where possible will facilitate the introduction of said parties.

An Off Market Transfer Form with related instructions is available for download should buyers and sellers reach an agreement and wish to transact.

Any investor with further questions about the process or the company generally should contact Stuart Nattrass, Director via

Buying & Selling Interest

Currently have sellers looking to sell at 7.5c and above

Recent eStar Share Trading History

Date Number of shares Price
11-Jun-24 16,667 5c
22-Mar-23 15,000 6c
6-Sep-22 300,000 8c
9-Aug-22 200,000 8c
17-May-22 423,111 8c
15-Feb-22 70,000 10c
3-Nov-21 100,000 9c
2-Nov-21 100,000 9c
21-Oct-21 50,000 8c
21-Oct-21 250,000 7c
22-Sep-21 200,000 7c
22-Sep-21 100,000 7c
20-Sep-21 100,000 7c

Share Information

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Expression of Interest