Why eStar

Why eStar

eStar is recognised as a proven enterprise level eCommerce platform with clients like David Jones, Country Road Group, Briscoe Group, Air New Zealand, Bed Bath & Beyond, Stirling Sports and many more.

eStar is the only Enterprise-level total commerce solutions partner that works directly with brands and businesses to deliver ongoing growth.

  • We work with CEO's/owners who are concerned/frustrated with the lack of sales and/or online growth
  • We work with Digital Executives/Marketing who are struggling with low conversion rates
  • We work with Retailers who have had success in the past, but are now experiencing some anxiety due to stagnant/lacklustre results

eStar has a passion for working collaboratively with clients to achieve outstanding outcomes.

More than 100%

Year-on-year online growth rate vs market rate

Over $1.2B

eStar clients transact in excess of $1.2B per annum on the platform

Empowering growth, delivered together

eStar has a passion for working collaboratively with clients to achieve outstanding outcomes

A Strategic Partner

Being a long term strategic partner we focus on outcomes and growth. As an example, we have taken a client from $0 to over $220M in online sales and been a significant enabler for them to grow their total business from $400M to over $1Billion in annual sales.

Proven Results

On average we double our client’s conversion rates. A recent example that went live in 2018 is currently achieving a 300% increase. Our clients typically see 59 percent year-on-year growth against a market rate of 18 percent.

Exceeding Expectations

We pride ourselves on exceeding our client’s expectations. In a recent example we achieved over $3M in sales in their first year, which was 6 times the forecast.

Case studies

Building amazing online experiences

When eStar was selected by David Jones as the enterprise eCommerce technology of choice (in 2019) to power the David Jones eCommerce channel, the requirements for eStar were broader than just providing world-leading technology. eStar was selected to provide the eCommerce technology.

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An expanding partnership

Fashion retailer Country Road Group has been an eStar client since 2010 when it launched its first eCommerce platforms for both Country Road and Trenery. Following the 2013 acquisition of the Mimco and Witchery brands eStar’s eCommerce platform was chosen after an extensive evaluation process.

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Solving store fulfilment with eStar

Fulfilment is one of the most critical steps in the eCommerce customer journey. Briscoe Group approached eStar to help solve their store fulfilment challenges and the result was a new Order Management and Fulfilment module. Its improved delivery times and customer satisfaction.

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Loyalty and beyond with eStar

Air New Zealand went live with eStar eCommerce in 2019. The new loyalty store allows Air New Zealand and their Airpoints programme to build sustainable leadership as New Zealand’s most valuable loyalty scheme with a world-class eCommerce store making loyalty redemption seamless.

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Driving customer acquisition with eStar

Bed Bath & Beyond went live with eStar eCommerce in 2018. Online sales improved immediately, and sales performance has already seen significant growth over the previous year. The new digital store allows for their entire range to be presented online.

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Franchising and eCommerce work together at Stirling Sports

Franchise business models have unique and specific requirements. These requirements can cause a degree of complexity when it comes to eCommerce. eStar has designed and built a comprehensive solution to tackle this complexity.

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A Smart Move

Paul Carroll migrated from Magento to eStar eCommerce in late 2019. The smooth transition from an ageing solution to one that sets Paul Carroll up for future growth across four sites has been a smart move. The new sites give Paul Carroll the technology, partnership and confidence to grow digitally.

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100% Appliances boosts digital business with eStar

Recognising that its online presence was essential to the operation of over 50 nationwide franchise-owned stores, 100% Appliances looked to eStar to deliver an innovative online presence that met the needs of its members and customers.

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