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eStar is recognised as a proven enterprise level eCommerce platform with clients like David Jones, Country Road Group, Briscoe Group, Air New Zealand, Bed Bath & Beyond, Stirling Sports and many more.

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eStar delivers and develops a feature-rich, enterprise class eCommerce platform that is proven, reliable, scalable and secure. eStar’s eCommerce platform powers some of the most prominent brands across Australasia.

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The digital store can influence more than half of in-store sales. Retailers require a compelling omnichannel experience backed by an eCommerce platform that complements and enables the physical store network.

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eStar has an excellent track record of very successful implementations. Our people, approach and services make this possible and are a key reason why clients stay with eStar.

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The average annual growth seen by eStar clients


The total sales that clients transacted with eStar last year

We wanted to work with an eCommerce partner who could deliver all our standard eCommerce needs and drive a higher standard of omni-channel experience.”

Country Road Group

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Without eStar we wouldn’t be fulfilling from stores. We got a step change overnight.”

Dave Hughes, General Manager eCommerce and Customer Insights, Briscoe Group

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eStar have been a brilliant partner. Their support during the pandemic was extraordinary too."

Dan Adams, General Manager Brand, Stirling Sports

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We knew we weren’t seeing our full potential online. eStar offered a world-class eCommerce solution."

John Carroll, Managing Director, Paul Carroll

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Latest news, views and updates

Fulfilment What's the difference between ERP and OMS

Fulfilment What's the difference between ERP and OMS?

Order Management Systems (OMS) and Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems are two critical components in the modern retail business environment.

While ERPs have been a stalwart presence in all manner of businesses for decades, OMS is a relatively new kid on the block. The age gap between the two systems reflects the evolution of business needs and technological advancements over time.

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Bust inflation digital picklist

Paddy Pallin adopts Viare Order Management System

Melbourne, 19 September 2023 - Viare, a cloud-based order management and fulfilment system, has been chosen by leading Australian specialty retailer Paddy Pallin as it seeks to maximise efficiencies throughout its respective store network.

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Online Retailer Tech Talk

How to plan for those peak shopping periods

eStar client services manager Liam Collins shares his insights on Peak Planning. Are you ready for Peak?

“For tomorrow belongs to the people who prepare for it today.” - African Proverb.

With the countdown reaching double-digit days towards Black Friday and Cyber Monday, and with September already here, have you asked yourself this simple, yet vital question – “Are we ready for peak?"

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