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Avoid over and under-selling. How near real-time inventory management is key for profitability

Inventory management

An accurate view of inventory is a must when providing your online channels with an exact level of availability.

Without this perspective, many aspects of your business will face challenges. To begin with, your marketing campaigns will not reach their potential without an exact level of availability being fed to your online channels. Your customer service costs will be higher if availability is incorrect, and you cannot fulfil when promised. Simply put, your customer experience will suffer.

Both overselling and underselling online are common problems. While underselling is discussed less often, it’s still an important issue that can negatively affect customer experience. In either case, over or under-selling impacts your bottom line. Without a carefully optimised system that depicts your inventory accurately, costs to fulfil orders will remain high and ultimately erode your margin. This is why one of the biggest challenges for online retailers is inventory management, especially as they scale.

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  • An accurate view of inventory
  • About overselling
  • Key reasons for overselling
  • Why is it bad for your business?
  • About underselling
  • Inventory Error’s impacts on Fulfilment Operations
  • Picking and Shipping Errors
  • How to minimise inventory issues
  • About Viare - Intelligent order management

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