Credit Card Fraud Protection

“Risk Profiling has helped us avoid fraudulent transactions that would have been quite costly to our business” Owner OneRugby / OzSportsDirect


RMProfiler™ is a sophisticated management tool designed to help ecommerce and telephone / mail order businesses detect and minimise attempted fraud.

Orders are vetted via a browser administration system where the merchant is able to determine the likely risk potential of an order. Each customer order is evaluated across an array of underlying validations, as well as specific merchant and industry profile criteria. It is then presented to the merchant with a colour coded risk assessment.

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Key Benefits

  • Comprehensive online fraud tool set
  • Automates online fraud screening
  • Saves time and improves accuracy
  • Improves productivity
  • Significantly reduces charge backs
  • Multiple seamless integration options
  • Reduces operational costs

Profiling Elements

  • Email validation
  • Billing and delivery address
  • Discrepancies
  • Dollar value and number of items
  • ISP Identification
  • IP Validation
  • IP Country of origin comparison
  • Credit Card Issuer & Origin
  • Order Velocity Monitoring
  • Pattern Matching

Merchant Profile Management

RMPROFILER™ can be configured to run automatically, based on nominated threshold limits, or manually assisting the site administrator to make expert decisions in relation to order progress.

Individual merchants can configure the RMProfiler tools and rating system to match their required business rules and industry ordering profiles. Administrators can specify dollar and "number of items" per order thresholds; as well as define country risk values specific to their business.

RMProfiler™ is provided on a Software as a Service (SaaS) basis and can be used manually or accessed as a web-service and therefore integrated to standalone third party websites. It is integrated into eStar's eCommerce platform iSAMS (Internet Sales and Management System).

If your organisation accepts online transactions RMProfiler will significantly reduce the chances of accepting and processing fraudulent orders, as well as saving time and speeding up order evaluation and processing.

Our email validation tools include reverse lookups to resolve IP addresses and confirm whether free ISPs have been used.

Credit Card validation performs a number of checks, along with comparison of Card Issuer country, to Billing Country identification.

Order Velocity compares the customer’s re-ordering rate (the number of days between orders) and identifies whether the customer has successfully placed orders in the past and an appropriate amount of time has elapsed between orders.

Pattern matching searches for multiple common elements between customer profiles to determine if the same person is creating multiple profiles and ordering from you under multiple aliases.

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