Mobile Commerce

“eStar quickly demonstrated that it could respond to our brief….a solid platform with strong security which would also provide full control and a mobile component” 100% Appliances Marketing Specialist

With many of our clients are seeing more than half of their visits coming from tablet and smartphone devices - offering a great mobile experience is no longer a nice to have - it is a necessity.

eStar have mobile commerce platform solutions from responsive design websites to adaptive mobile websites that work across a variety of platforms (e.g. iPhone/ iOS , Android).

Solutions are optimised for content, speed, simplicity, presentation and navigation appropriate to the device capability, and that of the mobile networks.

Technologies such as barcode scanning, QR codes, location based services, ‘check ins’ and coupons are supported and can be used for innovative marketing, merchandising and customer acquisition campaigns, across different consumer touch points such as traditional stores, popups or kiosks, physical catalogues and online commerce.

Key purchase influencers like reviews and showing in- store inventory provide a direct engagement across channels and are equally important as enabling transactional mobile commerce. For retailers with a ‘bricks and mortar’ footprint, well executed mobile commerce will improve the customer experience when shopping in physical stores.

eStar M Commerce solutions provide a rock solid foundation to deliver great content, offer, and customer experience that will drive mobile commerce, customer retention and new customer acquisition. Mobile commerce allowing you to reach customers closer to the purchase decision - anytime, anywhere, anyplace.

For examples of mobile work see our client page – please don’t hesitate to contact us in relation to a mobile commerce solution – we look forward to hearing from you.

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