Create Amazing Online Experiences

Create Amazing Online Experiences

Before discussing the 10 principles required to create amazing online experiences its first important to understand what amazing online experiences look like. To understand this, we will review great face to face physical retail experiences and understand what they look and feel like.

The fold on various devices

The consumer feels an experience is personalised because it is relevant to his/her buying intent and is presented on their terms. Like the physical experience, amazing online experiences should also be considered from the consumer perspective and based on a one-to-one interaction. Not one to many. In this eBook you will discover the below principals:

  • Consumers are on a journey
  • Each journey comprises of multiple steps
  • The function of UX
  • Respect the fold
  • Let data do the decision making
  • Apply best practice (the science)
  • Wireframing

See Bed Bath & Beyond case study as an example of a retailer undertaking the above principles and applying it to their digital channel and brand

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