System Integration

“I believe we have a much better platform than any of our retail competitors, as it is 100% integrated, totally automated with no double ups whatsoever” Ecommerce Manager TS14Plus

eStar have substantial system integration experience and facilitate tens of thousands of integrations between our customers various legacy systems, their suppliers, and our ecommerce platform. eStar provide a customised integration package called the iSAMS Integration Layer (IIL). This integration suite provides the ability to integrate to multiple external systems like financial, ERP, MRP, POS, WHMS and freight /shipping systems and services seamlessly.

System integration is a fundamental component of almost every project eStar undertakes. Some of the many ERP systems we have integrated to include- Advance Retail, Island Pacific, Lawson, Pronto, MYOB, Oracle, Management 2000, SAP - plus many, many others.

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