“As soon as it went live, customers told us they find it easier to navigate & purchase” Operations Manager, Sacha Drake

Your online store is the digital representation of your brand. Having a well laid out, user friendly and visually appealing website can be the difference between a customer converting or leaving.

We specialise in eCommerce design that is usable, accessible, handles ‘dynamic variable content’ gracefully, and optimises the overall customer experience and sales conversion.

The eStar design team are equally comfortable creating design concepts ‘from the ground up’ or alternatively collaborating with our client’s branding, design and digital agencies to achieve the desired ‘look and feel’ that accurately reflects your brand/s in the online environment.

eStar design balances staying sensitive to your brand/s, whilst delivering sites with intelligent architecture that are engaging and highly functional. 

Successful retailers and brands are investing in design for their digital stores and making sure their customers’ overall online shopping experience is considered alongside brand. Seeking the services of eCommerce design professionals will put you ahead of your competition and have your customers coming back for more.

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