Email Marketing

“Market proven solution sending millions of emails per month”

eStar’s integrated email marketing solution is known as 'LaunchPadMail'. The system includes a full suite of customer database management and segmentation tools, campaign creation, sending and detailed reporting and statistics.

  • Having an integrated email marketing solution provides two key benefits to our clients:
  • They can report and track directly on true orders shipped as a result of campaigns.
  • Enable new options for advanced customer segmentation and targeting , based on demographic (e.g. postcode / city / region) or past purchasing behaviour (e.g. all customers who have bought from a certain product category).

LaunchPadMail is a powerful email marketing solution, which is used to create and deliver permission-based, personalised email campaigns. LaunchPadMail enables marketers to implement dynamic customer acquisition, retention, and loyalty strategies, as well as reduce operational and technology risk in executing such programs. It has been designed to help marketers develop email campaigns that are true one-to-one communications medium. All communication activity is fully trackable and viewable to the user in an easy to use web browser.

LaunchPadMail is secure, reliable, easy-to-use and designed to suit enterprises of all sizes. Its flexibility provides all necessary services, features, and capabilities to support the most complex email marketing campaigns.

Benefits of LaunchPadMail

  • Enhance brand visibility
  • Improve customer loyalty
  • Maximise your return on your marketing spend
  • Shorten lead times on campaigns
  • Track your results in real time
  • Measure your cost per response
  • Deliver true one to one communications
  • Increase profitability
  • Gain the best in email and SMS-text marketing technology

Features of LaunchPadMail

  • Client Database Management tools
  • Database import, merging, set up and ongoing management
  • Bulk Data Upload / Download Services
  • Scheduled Sending of Email Campaigns
  • Detailed Campaign Reporting & Statistics
  • TXT-SMS Marketing Campaigns
  • Ability to Create HTML & plain text campaigns
  • Timely, targeted campaign

Tracking features of LaunchPadMail

  • All Email responses are tracked in real-time and update the profile database. Tracking includes:
  • Number of emails Sent (Plain Text & HTML)
  • Delivered Emails
  • Bounced Emails
  • Number of emails Opened (HTML only)
  • Summary of Click-throughs by each URL within an email
  • Track Click-throughs from individual recipients of an email
  • Total Click-throughs from an email
  • Track actions of each recipient
  • Provision of Customer Updating by recipient
  • View & Manage Customer Lists
  • Reply Management
  • Automated "Unsubscribe" management
  • Sales Achieved from Campaign