Ecommerce Providers New Zealand

Ecommerce Providers New Zealand

When researching & evaluating ecommerce providers, New Zealand retailers should be focusing on the companies that have proven experience in ecommerce. eStar is one of these – with over a decade of real world experience providing ecommerce software to some of New Zealand’s largest retailers and events.

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eStar as an ecommerce provider offers far more than a ‘shopping cart’ . The ecommerce system operates as a standalone end-to-end entity; including public website/s, order processing, payments, CRM & dispatch & fulfilment systems. Our development philosophy has focused on automating as many elements within each application as possible, which has led to many brands switching to us, to help grow sales, improve security, increase scalability, reliability and conversion; or attain greater order processing efficiencies.

We focus on software that solves ‘real world’ problems for retailers, like: 

  • How do I integrate my online store with my inventory or accounting system?
  • How do I grow sales in international markets?
  • How do I handle the increased order volumes I’m getting accurately and efficiently, without increasing staff headcount?
  • How do I convert more of my website visitors into buyers?
  • How do I ensure my in-store promotions are replicated on my online stores?
  • How do I make sure my online store will perform under high load and traffic spikes?
  • How do I ensure my customer’s data is safe and secure when they are shopping at our online stores?
  • How do I better target and segment my existing customers to drive revenue and improve their online shopping experience?

When it comes to ecommerce providers, New Zealand businesses will be well served by coming to the best – contact eStar today to find out more.