Maintenance and Platform Updates

“I have worked with a number of competitor platforms and I have had a very positive experience with estar so far” Ecommerce Manager Outside Sports

On-going Maintenance

  • Security Patches
  • Software Updates
  • Ecommerce Platform Level Updates
  • 3rd Party Licensing relating to the application
  • Backups – 2 hourly and off site
  • 24 / 7 / 365 Monitoring of network and site availability
  • Firewalling security, monitoring and maintenance
  • PCI Compliance (Level 1)
  • System Integration monitoring and maintenance (Managed Integration Services)

As well as continually updating core infrastructure, we are committed to improving our application level services by improving the user interfaces, features and security enhancements of the platform. This is an on-going program that culminates in weekly platform updates. This not only includes all service and security patches, but also includes enhancements and at times, the introduction of new features. This program provides significant cost savings to our clients as it means that new features and enhancements are available, often at no cost for implementation, as opposed to being commissioned and developed individually. All updates are communicated with clients each week.

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