Swanndri and eStar – working together to deliver brand success

Swanndri’s direct to consumer strategy required the support of eStar’s eCommerce expertise and functionality

We went to eStar looking for help in implementing our direct to consumer strategy. They came back with a great offer, access to their design team, and eCommerce functionality to support our strategy.

Angela Lee - Head of eCommerce and Social Swanndri

The Challenge – Swanndri building direct to consumer relationships:

Swanndri was constructing a digital strategy with a purpose to build direct connectivity to Swanndri customers. Swanndri knew building direct connections with new and existing customers was a way to enhance its appreciation of what customers want and need from their brand. This connection would also allow Swanndri to better service their customers in the future and improve their support to the global network of retailers selling Swanndri apparel.

The strategic plan was a big one and had many moving parts. The first challenge was to find an eCommerce technology that would support these new initiatives.

The Solution

When Swanndri presented the strategy, the eStar team immediately understood what Swanndri was trying to achieve.

eStar’s experiences with large apparel retailers plus their knowledge of how to translate the Swanndri strategy across the eStar eCommerce technology made Swanndri’s decision to partner-up an easy one.

The project management team were extremely professional and guided us throughout the project on next steps and what to expect

Angela Lee - Head of eCommerce and Social Swanndri

The Results

eStar’s eCommerce experience, mature design skills, and eCommerce functionality helped Swanndri get closer to their customers.

The project was on time, on budget, and to Swanndri’s high expectations.

After the first six months of the new Swanndri site going live, the business impacts of what Swanndri and eStar worked together on became very clear (these numbers are compared against the same period from the previous year):

  • Consumer engagement grew by 107%
  • Transactions grew by 135%
  • Online revenue grew by 160%
  • Mobile revenue grew by 2,000%
  • Mobile conversion rates grew by 200%

As a result of eStar’s design team understanding the strategy, the brand story, and how to leverage the eStar eCommerce technology, they were able to infuse functionality throughout the site to enhance consumer-buying behaviour and help Swanndri dramatically improve usability and the user experience. Key reasons for the amazing results.

eStar’s design team perfectly reflected our brand story

Angela Lee - Head of eCommerce and Social Swanndri

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