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March 2020

Contact-less Click & Collect

Retailers need to activate "Contact-less Click and Collect"!

Uber Eats has "contact-less delivery" and most other courier services are now offering the same. For those retailers who wish to continue to keep their stores operating and offer a service which is in line with the changing needs of the consumer, "contact-less click and collect" adds value.

For most retailers, this would not require much change to their eCommerce technology...

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Should I close my online store due to COVID-19?

We are in a period of unprecedented and rapid change brought about by COVID-19. The retail landscape is unrecognisable to what it was just a few weeks ago. Entire sections of the economy are being closed down in the interest of public safety and people are being urged to stay at home. The challenge for retail is without precedent. This has prompted many of our clients to ask us "should I close down my eCommerce site?".

The quick answer is "no".

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Case Study: Paul Carroll A Smart Move

Paul Carroll migrated from Magento to eStar eCommerce in late 2019. The smooth transition from an ageing solution to one that sets Paul Carroll up for future growth across four sites has been a smart move. The new sites give Paul Carroll the technology, partnership and confidence to grow the digital side of their flourishing business. This implementation demonstrates the ease of migration from Magento to eStar.

Paul Carroll Case Study

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