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Key strengths: Before, during and after the transaction

– Inventory management – Routing and fulfilment – Cloud only

Perhaps it is because New Zealand- based eCommerce solution provider eStar started life as an online retailer that it has been able to achieve a solid client base amongst small to mid-tier retailers. A fully SaaS-based solution, eStar’s strength is in its post- transaction capabilities, in the form of customer communications and managing routing and fulfilment, as

well as other functions such as managing replenishment. Features include the ability to pre-order and release goods to retail and advanced freight management to ensure customers receive the best possible delivery rates. These capabilities enable visibility of orders through the system, eliminating common fulfillment issues and improving customer satisfaction, and can also be used to support an in-store experience.

eStar includes a CMS, with an integrated blogging module and advanced promotional capabilities that allow different views to be presented to specific visitors, leading to full support for multi-brand and multi-site implementations.

As a SaaS-based service, the software is being constantly upgraded and enhanced, with four-nines reliability and fast performance. eStar also boasts a strong professional services capability which enables it to assist with customisation of both presentation and functionality without compromising the ability to take on new features as they are introduced into the core software.

First Published in Digital + Technology Collective’s Integrated Commerce Tech Guide.

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