eStar launches mobile POS

Traditional approaches to Mobile POS from POS vendors are often limited by their solution architecture and the difficult integration to other solutions such as eCommerce, CRM, and even ERP. Unified Commerce is about transforming the customer journey by removing friction from the shopping process. eStar is uniquely positioned to deliver a consistent customer journey, regardless of how a sale is facilitated. Having started with a wide solution covering eCommerce, Order Management and Fulfilment, Customer Services, eStar has now added a fully integrated Mobile POS solution, eStar Store to our offer.

Mobile POS is a key driver for increasing in-store customer conversion rates, and hence in-store sales. Mobile POS allows for cashless transactions to take place with customers anywhere on the shop floor adding further flexibility to the customer journey, increasing in-store customer engagement, and providing resource utilisation benefits.

eStar’s Mobile POS solution, eStar Store, facilitates a Unified Commerce experience, and is built on the same fundamental architecture and data sources as our eCommerce solution.


  • Simplifying and enabling the in-store customer journey leading to greater in-store sales.
  • Real-time access to inventory across the entire store/DC network both in-store and online.
  • Order history visibility for both in-store and online orders.
  • Consistent delivery options both in-store and online.
  • Providing access to cross-sell and up-sell data in-store that is typically only available online.
  • The Personal Shopping experience can be facilitated in any location in the store.
  • Easier to share information with the customer.
  • Ability to scale POS quickly at peak periods.
  • Better utilisation of floor space.
  • Greater access to information and technology to support the sales process.

For more information or a product demonstration contact eStar.

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