Viare, an eStar company, partner with Matter Design

Viare, an eStar company, and Matter Design & Digital Partners Forge Strategic Partnership to deliver Omni-channel order management solutions.

Matter Design a digital solutions agency and Viare, a world-leading order management and eCommerce solutions provider partner to bring fulfillment solutions for retailers to enhance customer experiences, boost sales, and reduce costs. 
According to KPMG’s recent 2024 Retail Outlook Report available here which underscores the pivotal role of modern order management systems (OMS), this collaboration is poised to address the challenges faced by retailers. By leveraging OMS to streamline manual tasks, eliminate inefficiencies, and enhance order fulfilment processes, the partnership seeks to deliver tangible benefits to retailers such as increased sales and improved customer experience.

Nigel Poole, Managing Director of Matter Design, expressed his enthusiasm for the collaboration, highlighting the agency's commitment to empowering retailers with cutting-edge solutions. He emphasised the value of Viare's expertise in order management solutions.  Our collaboration with Viare opens exciting possibilities for retailers, enabling them to leverage fulfilment strategies to enhance customer experience - something we are very passionate about here at Matter. 

Alison Crosbie, Chief Growth Officer at Viare, echoed Nigel's sentiments, emphasising the synergy between the two companies' strengths. “By combining Viare's deep industry experience with Matter Design's creative digital solutions.  

Together, we will deliver innovative fulfilment solutions that will streamline processes, reduce costs, and drive sales growth.”

This partnership couldn't come at a more crucial time, as retailers seek agile and efficient solutions to navigate complex fulfilment challenges. With their combined industry expertise, Matter Design and Viare are well-positioned to deliver proven solutions that address the evolving needs of retailers.

About Matter Design:
Matter Design is a founder-owned and operated digital agency, comprising a team of 30 talented professionals across Sydney, Melbourne, Manila, and London. The agency specialises in crafting tailored strategies to drive online success for businesses, leveraging the latest insights, trends, and technologies.

About Viare (an eStar company):
Viare, boasts over two decades of deep experience in eCommerce and fulfilment technologies, through facilitating more than $1.5 billion in annual online sales through its platforms. Recognised by Gartner as a leading distributed order management system, Viare empowers retailers to optimise store-based fulfilment, making all store stock available for sale and turning it into a competitive advantage. 

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