NORA Showreel: How eStar is changing the retail fulfilment industry with Viare

eStar Chief Technology Officer, Matt Neale recently spoke to Peter Knock from NORA about how eStar is changing the retail fulfilment industry with Viare.

During their discussion the following topics were discussed:

    • How eStar started out as a retailer and has evolved into an enterprise level eCommerce solutions provider
    • The inherent inefficiencies in fulfilment and fulfilment processes and how modern tools can super charge online fulfilment, especially modern OMS solutions.
    • How Viare is allowing business to scale up their fulfilment to meet demand, improve efficiencies and deliver better customer experiences.
    • How eStar works with our customers to understand problems and work with them closely to solve those problems and evolve the product.
    • The clarity and simplicity of the commercial model at Viare and the importance of partnership.

    To watch the video please click here.

    NORA Showreel 2022

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