NZ Mint launches on eStar platform


New Zealand Mint, a world leader in the production and marketing of precious metal collector coins and NZ’s only precious metal mint, has launched a redeveloped digital presence on the eStar platform.

Taking into account internal and customer feedback, the new site incorporates; 

  • Responsive web design

  • Advanced graphics / animations – showcasing the renowned NZ Mint design through 3D animation

  • Enhanced payment options for international and NZ customers

  • Premium certificates – enabling extra options for customers to secure their preferred certificate numbers or certain coin collections

  • Bullion price charts – better chart functionality to track gold & silver trends over time


The eStar team is proud to support NZ Mint with a platform and digital presence showcasing their unique, world class offer while providing an enhanced customer experience.

Learn more about NZ Mint in the short clip below:

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