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Contact-less Click & Collect

Retailers need to activate "Contact-less Click and Collect"!

Uber Eats has "contact-less delivery" and most other courier services are now offering the same. For those retailers who wish to continue to keep their stores operating and offer a service which is in line with the changing needs of the consumer, "contact-less click and collect" adds value.

For most retailers, this would not require much change to their eCommerce technology...

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Customer Led Innovation - Click & Collect

Click & collect

There’s no doubt about it, Click & Collect is huge!

As the name suggests (and everyone knows!), allows customers to order online and pick their goods up in store, at a time and location of their convenience.  

In Australasia, Click & Click is growing, for example Harvey Norman claim Click & Collect is over 50% of online, when The Warehouse launched Click & Collect 2 years ago, it went to 10% in the first week, and is now over 30% of online sales.

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