Watch eStar Digital Picking in action

eStar launched Digital Picking as an extension of the Order Management and Fulfilment module that is easily configured and compatible with a range of handheld devices.

Digital picking is able to drive massive efficiencies for picking. Visual and audible cues for incorrect and successful scans give instant validation that the correct item has been picked. Moreover, they are faster and easier to use than manual picklists and reduce cost. Learn more here.

Since launch many eStar clients have used Digital Picking to streamline fulfilment.

The introduction of digital picking at Briscoes increased team engagement, removed human error from the picking process and reduced paper use by an estimated 3 million pieces of paper annually. Learn more here.

The launch of digital picking at David Jones was a great success. Picking times and error rates (ie. picking the incorrect item) were reduced. Team satisfaction increased with team members very keen to use the new scanning devices.

To learn more about eStar’s Digital Picking solution watch the video below.

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