Contact-less Click & Collect

Retailers need to activate "Contact-less Click and Collect"!

Uber Eats has "contact-less delivery" and most other courier services are now offering the same. For those retailers who wish to continue to keep their stores operating and offer a service which is in line with the changing needs of the consumer, "contact-less click and collect" adds value.

For most retailers, this would not require much change to their eCommerce technology...

  • It's a change on the front end of the site communicating the change - promoting this service
  • It's a change for store operations - staff activating this change

There are two benefits to this new offering...

  • The retailer is seen to make a change to meet customer needs, building loyalty
  • This service takes the heat off of delivery to home logistics which will be under high stress.

Target Australia has just launched "contact-less click and collect" and are directing customers to pick up their orders at the front of the store or at the loading bay.

Customers don't need to go into stores - great pivot!! Well done Target!!

This was first published on LinkedIn on March 23.

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