eStar launches new pull-based fulfilment solution

Today’s retailer requires a sophisticated omni-channel fulfilment solution that can simplify and automate the fulfilment process to reduce the management cost, while also reducing the cost and time of delivering orders to their customers. This enables a far better customer experience and allows for cost reduction to be passed on to consumers.

The eStar pull-based fulfilment solution is a sophisticated new way of approaching fulfilment.

The solution allows for the distribution of orders across multiple dispatch points such as store fulfilment locations, distribution centres, drop-ship or suppliers dynamically and on-demand through a pull-based fulfilment approach.

Based on a configurable set of predefined rules and KPI targets, the solution designates the optimal distribution for each order at a specific point in time. It is completely scalable and can be utilised for hundreds of different dispatch points and high order volumes.

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