The Digital Store is now the foundation of your retail strategy

Smart retailers understand that the digital store, once a nice to have supplement to your retail business, is now the crux of your retail strategy. Retailers who do not place enough emphasis on eCommerce are limiting their revenue opportunities.

Research from Deloitte Consulting shows that more than 50% of in-store sales are influenced by the digital store and its share is projected to grow to nearly two-thirds of all sales at the physical store.

How can you ensure your eCommerce site is optimised to drive success across your retail business?

eStar has put together this eBook summarising the key principles to optimising your digital store, garnered from our extensive experience in working with the leading retail brands across the Australasian market such as David Jones, Briscoes and Country Road.

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The fundamental purpose of your digital store is to be easily found, easy to navigate, and present your customers with a great journey from discovery through to checkout: that is what drives customers to the site, improves sales conversion, and increases repeat custom. In order to achieve this, you need:

A focus on customer experience

The customer should be able to find what they’re looking for easily, then be able to purchase it using an intuitive checkout system, while experiencing no time lags throughout.

Great design

Not only does it need to be aesthetically attractive, your website also needs to be intuitive, easy to navigate with properly optimised and well-planned code.

A site designed for mobile

Currently, fashion retailers are seeing 65% of visits to their digital store coming through mobile, and accounting for 50% of total online sales. Your digital store’s performance on mobile devices needs to be a critical part of your eCommerce strategy.

Getting product pages right

40% to 70% of consumers typically exit a website within viewing three pages of content. Consumers leaving at this point are effectively a lost sale, and the highest incidence of exits typically occur on product pages. There is a ‘best practice’ approach eStar utilises to improve sales conversion on this critical section of the digital store.

Security and online fraud prevention

Proper security protects your business and your customers, which is vital.

We detail the best practice learnings eStar has developed from working with the biggest brands in the region in our eBook, The Digital Store is now the foundation of your retail strategy.

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