Free Training on Processing Orders More Effectively

The service provided after an order has been received will play a large part in moulding the overall customer experience. The ability to successfully and accurately deliver products, on time, meeting customers’ expectations, is equally important to the success of online operations as the interaction with the public facing website/s.

In order to help you provide the best possible customer service EstarOnline provide tools to handle ‘Order Exceptions’ , and also provision order reports to assist with your day to day dispatching of orders. What happens when you have an ‘exception’ on an order such as having to delete an item, or back order an item? 

In our next ‘WebEx’ session, one of our specialists will take you through how to manage order exceptions, and which of the order reports can assist with stock fulfilment and identifying errors in stock processing. Using these tools well will enhance your ability to process orders faster, more accurately, more efficiently and provide a better customer experience.

This free seminar is scheduled for Wednesday 13th August at 11:30am NZ time.

If you would like to take part, let us know via the button below.


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