eStar & Starshipit a partnership that delivers

Do you want to add new courier services within minutes? Streamline your package selection, label printing and remove manual processes of entering tracking numbers, and more?

eStar is very proud to be partnered with Starshipit in helping our clients deliver more and quicker, with eStar’s Order Management System (OMS) and Starshipit combined.

Starshipit is an integrated shipping and tracking platform that enables multiple shipping providers to you in a centralised admin, allowing you to choose from multiple shipping providers (of the account and relationship you own), or automate the provider based on a complex algorithm. This provides more control and flexibility over your shipping options.

The Starshipit solution includes generation of labels, automatic SMS and email notifications to inform customers of the progress (ie; in transit), can display accurate shipping rate calculations, manifests and customs documentation, along with branded landing pages for tracking updates.

With native underlaying support in eStar’s OMS solution we have been able to introduce Starshipit into the order fulfilment process for a number of eStar clients. This provides more options in the courier space and enriching the fulfilment process from start to finish.

As orders are progressed through eStar’s OMS, following all item allocation for an order to pigeonholes, the consignment is created automatically within Starshipit interface. Here you can then proceed to process orders in bulk, individually or based on a set of rules assign package, carrier services and charge selection in a very small amount of time. Once this process is completed, the tracking details are prepopulated back into eStar’s OMS for your customers to be included in the Dispatch email notification, removing the potential for error in entering.

As we approach a highly anticipated peak trading period, order volumes increase and customers are eagerly awaiting their packages, checking track and trace details frequently. This heightens the need for accurate information to be available and quickly.

The spotlight in eCommerce and exceeding customers’ expectations has moved swiftly to inventory and shipping. Being able to send your orders out quickly and consistently and using a courier that best suits your needs and delivers to your customers doorstep as swiftly as possible is a very important and crucial step in the customer journey. During this time (and every day in between) accuracy and efficiency in fulfilment is highly valued and expected.

Uniting with an eStar partner such as Starshipit will booster and streamline your fulfilment process.

Starshipit have offices in Auckland, Sydney and London. With more than 15,000 Retailers and 3PLs using the Starshipit technology, across 95 different countries, supporting 28 different couriers.

If you’re interested in learning more about Starshipit and eStar, please reach out to your Account Manager or the Client Support Team.

eStar & Starshippit a partnership that delivers

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