Briscoe Group achieve fantastic online sales

Despite the challenge of an 84-day store closure due to the pandemic; eStar client Briscoe Group has revealed a 20% increase in profit and a 21.4% increase in online sales for the year ending 30th January in their full year report.

This significant increase in online sales was made possible by eStar’s powerful Order Management Solution, which has allowed online sales and fulfilment to scale massively through the pandemic. eStar OMS and its industry best routing engine powered effective Store Based Fulfilment, with digital picking helping drive further speed and efficiency gains.

Briscoe Group increased online availability by more than doubling the number of stores engaged in store-based fulfilment during the period.

Briscoe Group rolled out Digital Picking last year and the impact was significant. Digital picking further streamlined fulfilment, improved picking accuracy, increased productivity and reduced manual processes. As a result, speed to dispatch improved by 21%, decreasing from a 2.4 day average for in 2020 to a 1.9 day average in 2021 according to their full year report.

Briscoes group achieve fantastic online sales

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