Webinar: The Best Practice Homepage - Creating Amazing Online Experiences

eCommerce managers and digital leaders often look at their homepage and have a “gut feel” that the layout is inadequate. Many look at their competitors who they aspire to be like with the intent to copy them, but as they all do different things this never has the intended result.

So what changes are required and why? Who is correct? Who should you listen too?

This webinar has been created to resolve this common pain point and is a culmination of two years deep analysis of:

  • The top performing retailers in the world.
  • Extensive studies in user research and user behaviour data from the top research organisations around the world.
  • Research on best practice from the top practitioners globally.

We’re pleased to present to you the "highlight reel" of the findings from the above research, delivering the best practice layout of the homepage.

What you will learn:

  • The science behind all page elements required of the header and the body of the homepage.
  • The strategic placement and behaviour of these elements.
  • Real life examples to show how top retailers are utilising specific page elements.

You will gain an appreciation of how your own homepage stacks up to best practice and have a clear view of the changes you need to make to work towards creating amazing online experiences.

Come along and enjoy the learning journey!

When: Wednesday 18 October 2017

11:30am AEDT / 1:30pm NZT

Register here.

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