Introducing eStar's new payment partner, Oxipay

eStar is excited to announce we have recently completed the implementation of the Oxipay Payment Method to our eCommerce platform, which is supported for both New Zealand and Australian clients.

Oxipay is a payment system which allows customers to pay for purchases through four instalments over a six week period, with no interest and no hidden fees, whilst receiving their order up front.

For retailers it turns, what can appear, difficult and expensive transactions into something simple.

Oxipay was launched in response to demand from younger consumers for a product that lets them buy the things they want, now, while also allowing them to manage their cashflow without building ongoing debt. By spreading the purchase cost over four instalments, customers have more control while the retailer gets the entire sale paid up front.

Customers want flexibility and convenience without the traditional penalties (such as interest and time delays). Oxipay provides retailers the peace of mind they need to provide customers with payment convenience and flexibility.

Oxipay has set a $1,500 limit across five separate purchases. Each fortnightly payment will be limited to no more than $250.

Oxipay is PCI DSS compliant to global standards. All consumers who shop with Oxipay are screened and credit-checked, and all merchants are vetted to ensure that consumer’s rights are protected.

For more information about Oxipay and to enquire about becoming an Oxipay merchant visit

Oxipay is part of FlexiGroup, a trusted ASX listed Top 200 Company founded more than 25 years ago.

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