Bed, Bath & Beyond Targets Additional Growth Online

eStar, Australasia’s largest specialist eCommerce solutions company, will replace the eCommerce site of specialist homewares and manchester retailer Bed, Bath & Beyond to improve its brand experience and capitalise on online sales which grew 40% in 2016.

eStar will design and implement the solution to create a more seamless customer experience online and in 57 stores nationwide, integrating inventory across online and physical stores, introducing click and collect, and making it easier to find and purchase any item online.

In store, staff will be able to see customers’ integrated purchase history including warranties and receipts. More options will be available to personalise the buying experience for high value customers, for example enclosing handwritten notes in deliveries.

Currently some products in home décor and furniture are only available through eleven ‘Home Stores’, however the new system will offer the entire range online. Staff in all stores will be incentivised to sell the full range, ensuring that customers have maximum choice, anywhere in the country. “Building a new eCommerce capability is an essential part of our growth strategy as we respond to changing customers’ browsing and purchasing habits, especially on mobile. We are excited about developing an eCommerce proposition which will integrate our online and physical stores, and encourage staff to maximise sales for their region,” says Trevor Brown, CEO, Bed, Bath & Beyond. “In selecting eStar as our partner we will gain the benefits of their success with larger brands and knowledge of Australasian online buying behaviour.”

eStar’s scalable and secure iSAMS eCommerce platform will allow Bed, Bath and Beyond to meet the needs of New Zealand customers, and also Australians who buy online and receive their purchase by international courier.

“Bed, Bath and Beyond is a cornerstone retailer in many New Zealand communities and requires eCommerce solutions that allow their business to respond dynamically in line with retail trends. eStar is delighted to be developing the eCommerce platform which is integral to the overall brand experience and long term business growth,” says Andrew Buxton, CEO, eStar.

About eStar

eStar is Australasia’s leading specialist eCommerce solutions provider, delivering outstanding experiences with some of the region’s best brands, through a combination of thought leadership, user experience, development, design and partners. Clients include Country Road, Briscoe Group, Rodd & Gunn and Smiths City Group, amongst many others.

About Bed, Bath and Beyond

Bed Bath & Beyond is New Zealand's largest manchester specialist. It strives daily to offer the biggest range at the most competitive prices. Since 1995, Bed Bath & Beyond have expanded from 4 stores in Auckland to 57 stores nationwide. It is now New Zealand’s only specialist retailer of homeware and manchester related products. A commitment to quality, range, affordability, and outstanding customer service makes Bed Bath and Beyond the place to go for bed, bath, and beyond!

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