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Recorded Webinar: How a Changing Consumer Behaviour Impacts Your Lifecycle Messaging Strategy

Consumer behaviour is changing, and with these changes comes increased expectations of retailers.

The “best practice” of having traditional lifecycle messages should no longer be viewed as good enough. These messages need to deliver what the consumer expects.

What are these consumer behaviour changes, and how do they impact some of your key, revenue-driving lifecycle messages?

Greg Randall eStar, Digital Strategist and Greg Zakowicz Bronto, Senior Commerce Marketing Analyst dive into:

  • Key consumer behaviour changes and how they impact your email marketing
  • Advanced cart abandonment strategies that drive revenue
  • Behaviour-based welcome series tactics that enhance the user experience

Watch the 40 minute webinar here.

Bronto eStar Webinar

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Four key insights into the connected New Zealand consumer

Google recently published data on the online behaviours of the New Zealand consumer as of mid-2015

By Greg Randall

First Published by EConsultancy on 6 March, 2016

Google Barometer

Though none of Google’s findings is breaking news, what’s important for NZ retailers is not the data itself, but how to respond to it.  

This article reviews the four key insights and provides guidance on how retailers could (and should) respond to build greater customer experiences. 

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