No 1 Fitness responds to changing customer behaviours with the help of EstarOnline

EstarOnline is proud to support No 1 Fitness, New Zealand's leading fitness equipment discount MEGA Store, with the implementation of a fresh ‘responsive’ design approach for their online retail presence. No 1 Fitness can now better connect with their customers across a variety of browsing and shopping devices.

The new design is optimised for a wide range of devices from mobile phones, ‘phablets’, tablets to widescreen desktop and smart TV monitors; but also crucially for the touch interface.

With many of our clients now receiving over half of their visits from tablets and mobiles - this means that for some the majority of the visits are using a touch device rather than the traditional keyboard and mouse. ‘Finger friendly’ tactics like removing hover over menus, minimising keyboard entry, supporting product image swiping, along with use of recognisable icons and large ‘click targets’ combine to create a ‘touch friendly’ interface.

A responsive design approach aligned with Number One Fitness’s goals and strategy, providing management efficiencies along with a host of design and conversion focused improvements.


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