Recruitment Scam Alert

If someone contacts you via Facebook messenger saying they are from eStar Recruitment, who then provides a WhatsApp group called ‘eStar WhatsApp Working Group’ – please be advised this is a Scam and not eStar or any associated company to eStar.

The WhatsApp group may contain a long list of phone numbers, which may contain NZ numbers. These numbers do not relate to eStar or any associated company to eStar.

Please be advised this is a scam and not a recruitment incentive or other.

If you are contacted as part of this scam please:

    • Report the scam via the options available in Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp
    • If money has been lost - report this to your bank or relevant payment service (eg. Paypal)
    • In Australia, report the scam here
    • In New Zealand, report the scam here

    For any issues or clarification please contact

    Recruitment scam alert

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