eStar Launches a New Powerful Content Management System

Having a website that looks amazing and exceeds customer expectations is critical to achieving digital success.

Being able to keep that design and content fresh, however, is just as important. Good website content has the power to communicate information, to educate, and to change minds. It can help you stand out in a crowded market and express your brand fully. eStar has always provided excellent functionality to update product and pricing information and to edit pages using powerful CSS/HTML editing tools.

To make updating content even easier, eStar has launched a highly intuitive and powerful new content management system (CMS) alongside its existing tools that allows users without technical skills to build beautiful and responsive website pages with ease. This makes creating, editing, and publishing content easy. Thus, keeping the website up-to-date and marketing fresh.

The new CMS is very approachable but also extremely capable. Amazing content has never been easier to create and maintain. Check out a short teaser video here.

eStar Launches a Powerful New Content Management System

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