Meet Viare

eStar is pleased to announce a new addition to its product portfolio – Viare. Derived from the Latin word Via meaning ‘by a route’. Viare is a standalone order management and fulfilment solution that will be marketed and sold independently of eStar’s eCommerce platform. Viare is an eStar company.

For 20+ years eStar has been providing an end-to-end eCommerce platform and Order Management solutions (recognised by Gartner in its 2021 Market Guide) to leading Australasian retailers and brands. During this time, eStar has developed specialist expertise on eCommerce fulfilment.

With growing online order volume, traditional bricks and mortar retailers order management and fulfilment technology and processes are becoming increasingly not fit for purpose and inefficient. As a result, the fulfilment process is costly, customer-facing SLAs are challenging, and the consumer’s experience is compromised.

With this knowledge and an extensive market research exercise. eStar believes that a software solution that routes orders to the most appropriate dispatch point, and then effectively supports the in-store pick, allocation, pack, and dispatch processes, will, when coupled with well-structured physical processes, address these inefficiencies.

We believe Viare has the world's smartest routing engine, and its easy-to-use order processing will help retailers and brands deliver amazing customer experiences every time.

Learn more here or watch below.

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