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How to fulfil great customer expectations

eStar account manager Amanda Dillon discusses fulfilling great expectations.

Customer expectations are constantly increasing and their expectations to have their orders delivered in full and on time and for a seamless shopping experience are higher than ever.

Retailers then must be able to support a streamlined fulfilment process, which is a simple aim but usually complex to achieve.

How to fulfil great customer expectations

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Best practice

Digital strategist Greg Randall defines the business evolution to leverage the online channel.

For retailers and B2Bs to leverage the power of the online channel, evolving the eCommerce technology is one piece of a bigger puzzle.

It’s not just a channel evolution, it’s a business-wide evolution.

Best Practice 1

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Top 5 peak season tips

Kylie Williams eStar Partner and Client Services Manager talks Top 5 Tips to Evaluate your Peak Season Performance.

As we reflect on 2021 and return from Christmas and New Year breaks to start the year refreshed, it is important, while it is still relevant, that you review your sales results and performance from Peak Season past and see where there is any opportunity for learnings and improvements.

Top 5 peak season tips 2

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How the 'Delta consumer' is redefining customer experience

eStar senior project manager Patrick Gaskin shares why the 'Delta consumer' is redefining customer experience.

Last year I wrote about the COVID consumer and how the ebb and flow of what, in hindsight, was a predictable cycle of lockdowns and subsequent easing of restrictions was impacting consumers.

Since then, a lot has changed. So how has it changed consumer behaviour and eCommerce?

How the 'Delta consumer' is redefining customer experience

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